We have been making wine with passion
for more than 130 years

Since 1893, when Albino Piona started our business, we have been passionately fond of viticulture and have been making our wines by means of natural methods for four generations, in full respect towards nature, grapes and – first and foremost – ourselves.


Harmonious combinations of territory, climate and know-how, which have been handed on for generations.
We defend our vineyards by limiting the use of herbicides of chemical origin and of insecticides, so that every single bottle is filled only with the best product of nature, with professional skills and passion.

You do not simply drink wine: you look at it, you smell it, you taste it, you sip it and…you talk about it


We will bring you along our rows of vines, let you discover our winery and tell you about secrets and curiosities about the various steps of grape farming and processing. Then, at last, we will let you taste our wines matched with typical zero-mile products of our area.

Visit our winery

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