Fermentation on lees

Verde Piona, a wine refermented in the bottle on its lees, has a long history. It dates back to 1970 according to an experiment by Albino Piona. Our father was an eclectic and innovative man. He began to devote himself to the winery when he was still very young and experimented those refermentation methods he got in touch with during his journeys abroad.

Custoza was a land of wines, but of still wines.

So, as he launched this fine and elegant bubbles on the market, enriched with that curiosity – lees on the bottom of the bottle - he succeeded in capturing all the interest and the curiosity of local people first and of all those people who were open to new taste experiences then: Verde Piona was then a distinctive wine on a national level.

This is our invitation to taste it, a way to make you curious…we are quite sure that it will win you over!


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