We of family Piona are intertwined with the arts ever since. Creativity is an inborn feature in us: not only as far as wine production is concerned, but also in all that makes us so special as well.

The name of this wine is a synonym for talent and inspiration ("estro" in literary Italian language), joy, liveliness and elegance.

“Lui/lei ha estro” is an Italian way to say "That person has got inspiration, something more" and is referred to somebody of many talents – just like our wine and its versatility.

That's why Anna Schettin was our choice to develop the label for this wine: as a calligrapher endowed with creative hands, once you read her words, it seems like reading about our wine!

"I personally wrote the word ESTRO using a dynamic though light sign, by paintbrush, to express all the enthusiasm, the joy and the lightness of the wine named after it. 

One decides to know Calligraphy deeper out of passion or delight, to slow down or to take care of him/herself, as everybody leaves a sign in his/her own and peculiar way.

Hand writing has been fascinating me ever since: I love that physical gesture, I love letters in all their forms, formal and polite or vivid and cramped. A text, when written by hand, is truthful and honest, as it represents an authentic mark by the writer".


Suggested as an aperitif, it is outstanding between meals as well. It goes well with all food dishes, both meat and fish, unless not too elaborate.

Serving temperature: 6-8 °C.


The project:

I first met Anna Schettin when I attended one of her calligraphy courses. I fell in love with that gesture that leaves a sign since the very first moment.

That sign is produced by means of a pen-nib, a paintbrush, a pencil…An incredible attraction to me!

As incredible as thinking of the uniqueness of those signs, subjective and original, as soon as they are written and get their peculiar sound.

I involved Anna, a firm and dynamic person, and wanted her to create a soft yet definite sign to write the word ESTRO by using that unique gesture.

The sound of this word already stays for joy: everybody is willing to be creative and brilliant, or not? A precious gift!

That's the trait d'union of the new label we designed for our sparkling wine: an unsophisticated yet unique wine.  Monica Piona


Anna Schettin:

A graphic designer and a calligrapher, she gave her contribution to spread the art of writing both in Italy and abroad through her activities at the Associazione Calligrafica Italiana (Italian Association of Calligraphy), of which she was one of the founders in 1991.

She has committed herself to typography, engraving, printing and bookbindery driven by her passion for “letters”.

She works as an image consultant and as a professor at design universities and design schools.

As far as formal writing is concerned, she prefers broad tip styles using both traditional and innovative means.

She is always looking for authentic and expressive signs and creates compositions with distinctive and original forms turning them into real "textures” with great skill.

All these studies result in a new “lettering” for her personal projects and for her jobs as a graphic designer as well.

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