Tenuta Cà Palazzina

Some historical facts

Cà Palazzina – An estate in San Rocco di S. Giorgio in Salici, Sona.

The estate lies 10 km from Peschiera del Garda.

The Estate Cà Palazzina spreads over 34 hectares, of which 25 are vineyards; the rest is left to natural meadows and a little wood. Low hills define the surrounding landscape – the soil is morainic alluvial. A peaceful scenery, where the human condition plays an important role and is deeply valued.

Life goes by slowly. Agriculture is practiced by most people  - the environment and the flow of seasons are the kept into great consideration.

All this area has not been subject to the industrial development: neither factories nor urban growth can be spotted.

These places are of paramount significance for Italy's History. The Italian Wars of Independence (1848-1866) were fought on field, better said in the fields, among  Custoza, Sona, Villafranca and the nearby villages leading to the Unification of Italy.

The two World Wars (July 28th 1914-November 11th 1918 First World War and 1939-1945 Second World War) affected the territory and the population even in terms of victims as well.

A great deal of History then! If only our lands could speak!

Back to us: Countess Bice Cavazzicca Perez owned the Estate Cà Palazzina up to the 1940s and 1950s. She did not fail to distinguish herself towards the end of the First World War, as she used to provide housing for wounded soldiers back from the war.

We are speaking of 1919: the First World War had just finished and people used to host the troops. In order to encourage this mission, the army used to pay those who had the opportunity to provide accommodation to soldiers, to look after the animals which served during the war or to keep weapons and war equipment according to specific tariffs.

Countess Bice Cavazzicca Perez put at this service's disposal as many rooms as she could (more than 12 rooms!): a first aid hospital was build up to take care of wounded soldiers.

A study on the papers regarding this service confirms the presence of 225 servicemen and 2 medical lieutenants at the villa and a further 4 dozens of soldiers hosted by the Countess's sharecroppers  in the adjacent houses.

The so-called "Casa di riposo del soldato" (The Soldiers' Shelter) was a real hospital and used to provide cares and accommodation to these poor people.

This is just one of the stories that could be mentioned – so many events of the past displaying a strong belief in the homeland, togetherness and solid bonds.

My father Albino Piona bought the Estate Cà Palazzina in the 1980s. He was fully in love with this place: he dedicated himself to these lands and used to grow peculiar native vines.

In order to pay homage to him, we, his kids, decided to create a new line of wines with these monovarietal vines starting from 2020 harvest.

It is composed of three wines: Garganega, Corvina and Merlot in purity.

Only fresh grapes are used, ripe at the right point, following all the vinification steps of our Piona tradition. All this results in three unique fragrances as for their typical features.


At this point, I decided to emphasize the image of the estate with a painting by the contemporary Veronese artist Francesca Tiso Mora. As a matter of fact, we of Piona winery are very fond of the arts: exhibitions of contemporary artists and cultural events have been organized at our premises on a regular base for more than a decade now. 

Francesca Tiso Mora particularly loves landscapes and panoramic views and painted a canvas depicting our countryside on the occasion of our 2012's exhibition "Custoza - Terra e Vino" (Custoza – Land and Wine).

Her firm brushstrokes featuring  bright and strong colors and that halo of mystery that she was able to evoke suggest a journey through time:

"In my works I love to create a coexistence among fast , instant and liberating brushstrokes and patient processes of veiling, slowly overlapped, one on the other, day by day, to produce glowing effects or dark contrasts which emerge one gesture after the other…"

I selected these few words from her website as they bring to my mind those same paces of working on the land: a slow work, made day by day, one gesture after the other, following a centuries-long tradition.

(Please, visit the artist's website: http://www.francescatisomora.com/Francesca_Tiso_Mora/Filari.html)

Project "Labels"

The labels we chose for this line of wines display the cut of a traditional label of ours: clean and straightforward.

Claire Basler, a French paintress, was a source of inspiration for their colors.

I had the opportunity to know the works of this very original paintress and I was fascinated ever since. I believe she is a unique artist for her way to portray nature: her brushstrokes, soft and light, suggest lively, dynamic and carefree landscapes, filled with secrets to unveil.

The flowers, the plants and the landscapes rendered in her canvas are wreathing and inebriating and bring us to imaginary worlds.

Colors are chosen in a sober, elegant and harmonic way - skillfully thought and wanted.

Her works recall me of the nature and the sensations of peacefulness offered by our Estate Cà Palazzina: an enchanting place, surrounded by the green of those hills soaked with History and stories.

In the paintings by Claire Basler I detected the green of the sprouts, the brown of the vine trunks, the red of the grape must.That's why I borrowed three nuances to describe these three wines: the bright green of the sprouts for Garganega, a native white vine, to recall its young and refreshing fragrance; the brown of the vine trunks for Merlot, a red vine – as the trunks, this wine is strong, embracing and elegant; the vermilion of grape musts for Corvina, a native red vine, to highlight its original color and spicy fragrance.

As every landscape illustrated by Claire Basler, lightness, harmony, warmth, liveliness, soberness, fragrance and elegance describe our wines, which are obtained with that same care: take a sip and live the experience!

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