Line Doc Custoza, Bardolino and Chiaretto di Bardolino.

The winery Azienda Agricola Albino Piona, established in 1893, has produced and sold wines with passion, commitment and professional skills among the hills all around the village of Custoza for four generations.

Rich in history and wine-tourism tracks, this is the heart of the production area of Doc wines Custoza, Bardolino and Chiaretto di Bardolino.

Over the years, we have always strived to follow the times by renewing our style – still, tradition and quality are our inborn qualities.

In 2016 we began to redesign the labels of our wines.

For the labels of this line, we have selected natural paper, slightly rough to the touch, to recall the paper of ancient treaties, symbols of the history dating back to 19th and early 20th century, as our winery is inextricably linked to it and does want to stay linked to it.

The dome-like form (in use since the early 1980s), has been replaced by a “customized shape”, designed by studying the initial letters of our winery, A and P (Albino Piona) to recall the round shape of barrels. The inscription Albino Piona and the emblem, restyled, are in relief and grant a pleasant touch.

So, the emblem has been restyled to result more modern and has been positioned to get a balanced union between past and present: you may note grape leaves moved by the wind, a Risorgimento helmet, the Ossuary of Custoza and a new element: the sun – to pay homage to its warming power, essential to vines and grapes, not to forget moon phases, which are likewise important.

A warm nuance of gold, then, still traces the name of our vinery as a sober enrichment -like a signature to grant for the product: Albino Piona.

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