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Creativity is back as a protagonist: this year, we decided to turn it into something you can wear!

For several years now, we commit ourselves to a bottle for collectors, a limited edition Magnum bottle.

Our latest project involves Laura Ottolini, an artist from Cavaion V.se who has been working with Raku pottery with passion and study over the past 20 years. Together with her, we have crafted small charms carrying power, force and positivity – that are the same features embodied in the Raku culture itself, a type of Japanese pottery in full harmony with the Zen spirit, which emphasizes the beauty of little things and simplicity and the naturalness of the shapes. Every artwork is different due to its firing technique: bisque fire is followed by a glaze fire, causing a thermal shock from higher to lower temperature. The thermal shock will then bring to natural "crackles" and iridescence effects.

Here is what's new this year: a heart shaped charm with engravings and colorful glazes will enrich the heart shaped mandala embroidered on every single canvas label as a symbol of peace of mind.

Red, blue, green and white are the colors we chose for these jewels.

Every color has been interpreted according to our personal experience: red stands for passion – the same passion you can find in our four-generation long tradition. Blue reminds us of Lake Garda – we are lucky enough to live just a few kilometers away: it brings us joy and happiness. Green is the color of nature and recalls the vineyards and the wonderful hills of Custoza surrounding us. White simply means the Wine par excellence, the distinctive element of our winery: Custoza DOC. It goes without saying it is filled in the magnum bottle!

This is why the handcrafted raku heart can be considered not only as a decoration of the label, but also as a talisman you can wear: all the symbols recurring in this special bottle for collectors embody a propitiatory meaning to wish us peace, joy and a favorable recovery.




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