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For four generations, in the Albino Piona winery, every bottle uncorked is a new story, the wine is the voice narrating battles won and anecdotes. Albino is the third generation of a family of wine artists and former president of the Consorzio di Tutela del Custoza. , who chose as his motto: “grapes are the palate of colours that the winemaker uses with mastery”. The same mastery has been handed down to his offspring: Silvio, Monica, Alessandro e Massimo “who are as skilled as their father. Albino launched the winery with the humility of those who work the land and the courage of those like his forebears” who accept good and bad weather, while his children continue the business inspired by values that are both tangible - growing areas, rows, cellar – and intangible experience, traditions, strategies for the future. Albino’s family run the winery with well-defined roles, suited to the skills of each member. Silvio, the eldest son, oversees the tasks that turn the grapes into wine and then the cellar operations, from winemaking to bottling; he is assisted by Massimo, an agricultural expert, who supervises the vineyards and all the decisions in the field that will lead to a good harvest, respecting ripening cycles and without use of chemicals. Alessandro takes care of marketing the product, while Monica is involved first-hand in communication, personally designing graphics, direct sale to the public, meeting and greeting for visits, tastings and cultural events.


There’s no escaping Albino Pion’s latest vintage of Custoza. It is an exciting, complex wine, commencing with its nose of citron, elderflower and aromatic herbs, such as sage and rosemary. The fresh, well-sustained palate is full and dynamic, despite the difficult vintage, focusing on well-expressed acidity that lends the wine roundness and structure, while the soft notes on the finish ensure goods length and personality. This wine is anything but shy, vaunting plenty of character and personality,

recommended combination: Busiate pasta with garden vegetables – Paccheri pasta with fish sauc – Mediterranean – style cod


A winner from Cantina Albino Piona, with well-defined hues typical of the Corvina grape. Aromas open delicately, almost shyly but a flick of the wrist will have the nose explode on notes of blackcurrant and raspberry, and biter orange. Following suit, balsamic, mint and Matcha tea notes and the winery’s unmistakable trademark saffron. A mouthfilling fresh, dynamic and tangy palate with gentle tannins giving body, structure and personality.

recommended combination: egg tagliatelle pasta with guinea-fowl ragu – Maccheroncini pasta with seasonal vegetables – Baby cuttlefish on crteamed peas




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