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appuntamenti gastronomici in cantina dicembre 2020


We have reached the end of this 2020, a year that we could not forget.

Over the past few months we have missed spending time in the company of family and friends.

During the month of December, the holiday period par excellence and where the need to be together is felt even more, we decided to organize, in compliance with the rules and in safety, an opportunity for lightheartedness and sharing. We offer you an alternative aperitif, to be tasted in our cellar.

We decided to combine three glasses of different wines from our range, with some "appetizers" from the Custoza area. We would like to share with you the specialties and introduce you to what our land offers.

First of all, the prized Custoza broccoli, a Slow Food presidium since 2017 and one of the Slow Food presidia in Veneto.

The broccoli will be the protagonist of our appointments accompanied by other local peculiarities.

The tasting, by reservation, will be divided into time slots for a maximum of ten people in turn.

The times for booking are: 10.00-10.45 / 11.00-11.45 / 12.00-12.45.

Here are the dates we propose:

-Saturday 5th December starring Estro di Piona Blanc paired with mustards and cheeses, Custoza DOC paired with broccoli pesto, Corvina paired with jujube jam and cheese;

-Saturday 12 December starring Verde Piona paired with pear jam and cheeses, Custoza DOC paired with broccoli pesto, Azobè paired with dried tomatoes in oil and Grana Padano;

-Saturday 19th December featuring Custoza DOC paired with broccoli pesto, Chiaretto paired with aubergines in oil, Bardolino paired with sweet and sour radecella and cheese;

- Thursday 24 December “special event”, to wish us a happy Christmas we propose a surprise combination;

- Thursday 31 December “special event”, to leave 2020 behind us we propose a surprise combination

The cost per person is 12 euros.

For reservations call 045 516055 or send an email to info@albinopiona.it.

The gastronomic specialties are produced and packaged by "Azienda Agricola Corte Lonardi".

For the occasion, it will be possible to buy fresh broccoli picked for you.



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